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Decorative line work

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Decorative line work

The Amplitude Program

Get your team unstuck, free of anxiety and on track. Become a more sustainable employer and empower your employees to take care of their mental health.


With an emphasis on employee productivity, the Amplitude Program helps participants identify how they are contributing to their problem area and recruits under-utilised skills to be more effective at work.


Delivered over 4 weeks, the program is conducted in a series of 1:1 sessions to support your team let go of their anxiety-induced behaviour patterns and bring their best selves to work. 

How it works

To instigate the Amplitude Program, participants are required to provide an honest appraisal of their problem area and articulate their goals for the brief intervention. Along with four 1:1 sessions, each participant provided with an individual login containing tools to self assess their progress and curated resource material to support their behaviour shift.

This short term intervention is a skill-building undertaking. Building resilience in the workplace stems from establishing a growth mindset combined with an ability to respond skilfully in the face of challenge and stress.

Step 1

Each participant of the program is provided a confidential Discovery Session form to complete before the initial session.

Step 2

Participants schedule their appointments by selecting a day and time that best suits. Sessions can be delivered in person or via Zoom. 

Step 3

After learning about the problem space and the participants goals, a strategic action plan will be suggested for engagement over the 4 weeks.   

Program inclusions

Private and confidential, these sessions provide staff with:

  • Practical strategies to support their health, wellness, and productivity at work

  • Tactics to reduce stress and improve performance

  • Emotional regulation strategies for immediate use in the workplace

  • Identifying symptoms of burnout to prevent chronic stress and PTSD

  • Tools to calm the nervous system during high-stress conditions

  • Effective communication strategies appropriate for the workplace

Expected outcomes

When stress levels are reduced people:

  • Feel less angry, alone, anxious and agitated

  • Sleep better

  • Make better decisions at home and at work

  • Are less reactive – and more responsive

  • Feel more connected to other people

  • Memory, focus and concentration improve

Decorative line work

Ready to level up?

Please take a moment to fill out the form, advise the size of the team and a brief description of the problem space. We'll be in touch with next steps.

Thanks for reaching out. I'll be in touch.

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