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WIP : dealing with avoidance

Updated: Jun 7


This week we're looking at the coping strategy of avoidance.



A concept to ponder...

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney


An insight from clinic...

When faced with a challenging situation, taking action is something a lot of people struggle with. Instead, they hesitate, second guess themselves and spend a lot of time imagining what 'could happen'. Often these 'what' ifs...' are a collection of fear inspired potential outcomes - none of them good.


When we resist taking action, or making decisions, we're doing it to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it rarely helps. Instead, it tends to create new problems or allow the current issue more space to get bigger. The key is to tolerate the discomfort and get to work.


A practical tool to try...

Take some time to look at the challenge free of emotion and ask yourself 'what's one small thing I can do - right now - to make a little dent in this?'

By breaking it down into a sequence of steps or collection of smaller decisions, you'll find it easier to get started. And that's all you really need to do to build momentum.



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