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WIP : how to cultivate energy when you're feeling flat

This week's focus is on how to cultivate energy when you're feeling flat.


A concept to ponder...

One of life's counterintuitive lessons is that you will often gain energy by spending a little bit of energy.

- James Clear


An insight from clinic...

A lot of my clients tell me they're tired 'all the time'. They do their day, go home and flop on the couch; spending most evenings mindlessly watching tv and/or scrolling on their phones.


When you feel flat and super low-energy, it's tempting to do your best slug impression.


However, it's usually the case that getting up and moving will make you feel better. It's harder for the mind to be sluggish when the body is moving.



A practical tool to try...

When you're feeling flat and you've been scrolling longer than you intended to, go outside for 10 minutes or do the first set of a workout or stretch on the floor for a moment - anything to get your body moving - you'll feel WAY more energized. 

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